You Can't Make This Shtick Up – Stuck On You


Image courtesy of willconley777 on Flickr

As told by a Ground Operations Crewmember:

Enjoying one of my favorite benefits of working for JetBlue, I was flying non-revenue to my hometown of Syracuse, New York. I patiently waited for all the Customers to board and my name was called for a seat assignment.

The last few Customers were still in line when I got ready to board and I saw a woman at the end  of the ramp with a brown sweater with what appeared in the distance to be her white shirttail hanging out.

I made my way down the jet bridge and was looking down checking my boarding pass so I didn’t realize I had gotten closer to the woman. When I looked up I noticed that what I thought was her shirttail hanging out was really one of those toilet seat protectors or donuts that had clearly escaped from the bathroom with her.

She then moved ahead onto the aircraft and I held back from shouting what needed to be said in fear other passengers would hear which would make it even more embarrassing for her. If she reached back and removed it in front of everyone it would be even worse for her.

It was one of those moments when discretion was the better part of valor. I just hoped no one noticed and when she did arrive it had worked itself loose and fallen so she could have said, “who in the world put that on my seat.”

You’re so right; No one can make this shtick up.