You Can't Make This Shtick Up – Rascally Rabbit!


As told by an Airport Operations Crewmember:

Image courtesy of 45493477 on Flickr

A woman came up to the ticket counter and told me she needed a wheelchair and that she also had an emotional support animal so I said OK and proceeded to check her in. When I got to the part of the check-in process where we review the paperwork for the support animal to see the type of animal, I noticed the letter from her doctor stating that the animal was a rabbit so I asked to see the rabbit and she showed it to me.

The rabbit was in a little cage so I explained I would have to check with my supervisor about it. The Customer explained that she missed her flight the last time she traveled because of the same issue and gave me another record locator number to check the notes. When I looked up her travel history, it was documented that the Customer had been allowed to fly as a one-time courtesy so I told her I still needed to speak to the supervisor first.

As I walked away the Customer proceeded to follow me in a panic state. She dropped the rabbit and was hopping behind me because her leg was in a cast. As I was explaining the situation to my supervisor I referred to her pet as a rabbit and she lost it. She threw her bag down, dropped the rabbit again and came rushing towards me yelling “its not a rabbit”

I walked away from her cause I knew she had to be on some kind of medication. The supervisor had to call corporate security but eventually she was able to fly. It was apparently the type of rabbit that was OK to fly.

The Customer said the rabbit was her emotional support animal and that if she was in danger on the plane the rabbit would thump on her leg to let her know when she’s in danger.