You Can't Make This Shtick Up – Name Calling


As relayed by a Customer Support Crewmember:

Image courtesy of princessashley on Flickr

I changed a flight for Princess Snow White (spelled slightly differently than the Disney character but not used here to protect our Customer’s identity).  She loves her name, uses it as a conversation piece.  She didn’t have a middle name and they came up with it during labor.  Princess blames that name on labor drugs!

I also talked with James Bond a few weeks ago. He called in and was hesitant about giving me his flight locator information, and asked if he could confirm his flight. When I asked his name, he wouldn’t tell me. I started thinking I would need to notify someone because he was acting suspicious, but then I saw his name and I told him I needed him to confirm it in order to help him. He said his name was Jim and sounded upset that he had to admit his name was James Bond.

These poor people whose parents think they’re being funny!