You Can't Make This Shtick Up – Little Thingy


As told by a Ground Operations Crewmember:

Image courtesy of lizhenry on Flickr

I had just finished lunch and some downtime in JFK when I noticed it was getting close to boarding time . I packed up my computer and stopped one last time at the men’s bathroom before heading to the gate. As I was looking for a seat close to the gate, a woman interrupted her phone call, turned towards me and said, “Honey your little thingy is open.”

A rush of embarrassment flushed my face as I looked down to my zipper as she said, “No, your bag!”

With relief I said, “Oh thanks,” and closed the zipper on my carry-on then found a seat. She finished her call and immediately came over to apologize saying, “My friend I was talking to said, ‘OMG, you didn’t just say that to a guy, did you?’ when I realized what you might have thought.”

We both had a good chuckle as well as those that heard the whole conversation unfold.