You Can't Make This Shtick Up – Life Vests


We received the below incident report from one of our Customer Commitment Crewmembers:

Station Incident Report

Image courtesy of lorensztajer on Flickr

Customer on arrival of a Spirit Airlines flight found two JetBlue life vests in the customer’s checked luggage. When the owner of the luggage was questioned about the articles found in the bag, the response was that the customer wanted to do something unusual for a fraternity at Brooklyn College. The sheriff’s office took the customer into custody and held the vests as evidence.

Lesson learned: If you’re going to take a souvenir from an airplane, please take something more reasonable (and more fun) like the barf bag or an extra bag of Munchies Mix. Or just ask and we’ll gladly give you those cool wings if our Inflight Crewmembers have some with them.