You Can't Make This Shtick Up – Irony


As told by an E190 Captain:

Image courtesy of denverjeffrey on Flickr

I was at a hotel in D.C. waiting for the crew van when I saw an elderly lady across the parking lot fall down. I ran over to help her. My first officer was close behind me. I helped her up and ensured she was not hurt. She did have two minor scratches and was shaken up but was otherwise OK. I sent my first officer back to secure our bags and I escorted her down the block and across the street.

Ironically, she had been going to see her doctor and tripped over the curb in an attempt to be safe and walk around the sidewalk which had been cordoned off because of window washers hanging on rigs above. It is amazing how an attempt to be safe can cause us to travel right into peril’s path.