You Can’t Make This Shtick Up – Fibbing


As told by a Customer Support Crewmember:

I received a call asking to cancel a flight and to waive the fee.  When I inquired as to why he said his mother passed away.

“Sir, I am so sorry to hear of your loss.  I just need a few pieces of information then I can see what we can do about the cancellation fee.  What is your mother’s name?”

He replied, “Uhhh, my mother’s name?”  At this point, I heard paper rustling in the back ground.  “Uhhh,” and he gave me a name which did not match his name.

My mother does not have the same last name so at this point I did not think anything of it.  I continued. “Again sir, I am sorry for your loss, some more information is needed. What funeral home is she at now?”

With this last question, he exploded.  Now, as most of you know, there is getting upset and then there is overboard, and he was way overboard.  I started to sense something was wrong with this picture.  He started yelling.

“Why do you need that information? You calling me a liar?  I can not believe JetBlue wants me to still take a flight with my mother dead!”

“Sir, I am deeply sorry for your loss,” I replied. “JetBlue definitely wants to assist you in your time of need.  We just need to verify your information, as you know there are people out there that try to get over or skirt the system, so, unfortunately, we must verify now.  Please provide me with the funeral home and their number and I can better assist you.”

I then heard laughter.  “Dude, you know what?” he said. ” I am one of those people. My mother never died.” he continued. “You just saved your company some money. Good job,” and he hung up.

The most amusing part of the story is that he got his fake mother’s name by looking at the obituaries in the newspaper. When I asked for the funeral home he could have read the full article fed me the name and number and I would of not been the wiser.

As my mother would say “Some peoples kids!”