You Can't Make This Shtick Up – A Life (and death) Long Customer


As told by a Customer Support Crewmember:

Thanks to our Customers for being real True Blues!

I received a call from a Customer inquiring about flights to New York from Fort Lauderdale. The Customer mentioned that she was flying to New York for her mother’s funeral.  She said that she would be flying ahead of her mother’s casket which was being shipped on a JetBlue flight.

I expressed sympathy and was about to continue with the flight information when the Customer stopped me and said, “I would like you to know that JetBlue was my mother’s favorite airline when she was alive.  Her ghost would haunt me forever if we used any other airline to get her casket up there for burial.”

The Customer then told me that this was so important to her mother, that she stipulated in her will that her final flight was to be with JetBlue.  She said she had been so well taken care of by JetBlue when she was alive that she knew she would be taken care of the same way when she was dead.

Talk about Customer loyalty! Our thoughts are with the family, and we thank them for being real True Blues!