You Can't Make This Schtick Up: Quack!


Just another normal operating day at our home base at JFK’s T5: families flying out on vacation, folks traveling for business, people visiting their friends and relatives, and a duck on his way to St. Maarten.

Image courtesy of haynes on Flickr

That’s right, a duck. A customer recently headed through security with a live duck. TSA, the government agency that handles all security screenings, stopped the duck owner and relayed that only dogs and cats and limited other, small approved animals can fly. The traveler explained, “It’s OK for me to bring the duck because I’m a magician!”

Sure enough, the duck-handler produced (not out of thin air) a stack of paperwork that documented the aquatic-animal’s extensive travel history. After reviewing the evidence and evaluating that this fine-feathered friend would provide a relatively quack-free flight, duck and owner were cleared for takeoff.

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