Wings for Autism Event In Boston Helps Families Fly


More than 400 people turned out for our second Wings for Autism event at our Boston station this past Saturday. For many families, this was the first time they stepped inside an airport, let alone onboard a plane (which meant 10 years for some people).

The idea behind Wings for Autism was to create a safe environment for families to take on the challenges of traveling with an autistic child and be surrounded by those in similar situations. By practicing the airport and flight experience (without actually leaving the airport!), both parents and their children with special needs can gain the familiarity and confidence needed to fly for real when the time comes. Families, alongside our crewmembers, practiced:

  • The check-in process
  • TSA screening
  • Boarding
  • Preparing for take-off
  • Deplaning

The families also received a safety briefing and toured the flight deck with one of our captains and first officers!

Below is a sample of the positive feedback our Boston team received after participating in Wings for Autism, just one of many more rave reviews that have come through:

“I cannot thank you enough for your assistance in making our ‘surprise’ trip to Disneyworld so successful, especially for our son. From the guided tour and plane visit on 10/1 to the ease of going through security and getting settled on the plane on the day of our trip, our vacation was amazing and we have you (and countless other JetBlue employees) to thank. For an autistic child the unknown can be very scary and stressful, and because of you our son was excited and ready from the start. I have been sharing our story with friends and family and encouraging them to fly JetBlue when they travel in the future – I know we will.”

Thank you for our Boston Crewmembers for their  outstanding support of this cause!

Learn about our first Wings for Autism event held in Boston back in May, 2011.