WhereTraveler Books + More store at T5: Making the terminal a little greener



The WhereTraveler Books + More retail store, opened in September in our state of the art home at JFK: T5. Inside the store, flat-screen televisions play Where® videos with travel tips specific to New York and information on other destinations served by JetBlue.


Our friends at Where designed their space with an ecological eye. Instead of selling disposable bottles of water, the store provides a water filling station that offers cool, clean drinking water for free to all T5 visitors who want to reduce their own environmental impact. The store also sells reusable water bottles decorated with travel themes for those customers who didn’t being their own. The sustainability focus of the WhereTraveler Books + More retail store fits directly with the rest of T5, where we began an innovative composting program this summer.



Besides quenching the thirst of world travelers, the Where store offers books, magazines and travel products. In addition to national best sellers, shoppers will find museum-quality books of special interest to New Yorkers and visitors alike. The store carries essentials for today’s traveler, from headphones, chargers and other travel tech devices to conveniences like healthful food items and unique gifts.



The Where store is centrally located in T5’s Marketplace, surrounded by a wide selection of shops and restaurants, and adjacent to the low grandstand where JetBlue’s Live From T5 concerts entertain customers.