What's In A Name?


If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s the importance of a brand. For that reason, creating the look and feel of our enhanced transcon experience was essential. The Mint experience branding was the brainchild of Jessica Wolff, Brand Manager and Chan Tran, Brand Analyst.

Collectively, we call them Chess.

Where exactly did Mint come from?

Jessica and Chan first set a goal to identify a concept or name that was differentiating and could live within the JetBlue environment. In order to do that, they knew they had to:

  • Differentiate the experience – from the core JetBlue product, as well as the other offerings across industry without overshadowing the master brand
  • Build upon the success of JetBlue – develop a concept that supports the JetBlue master brand as a leading innovator
  • Stay true to who we are– develop a transparent product that creates choice, not hierarchy/class, and is accessible to all customers

Next, they looked at the competitive landscape and realized every other airline seemed to be doing “premium” the same way.  It was all about “priority” and “exclusivity.”  It also wasn’t very transparent. None of this felt very JetBlue.

So they took a look at our brand values: Nice, Smart, Fresh, Stylish, and Witty. When thinking about how JetBlue may offer an experience that would compete with other carriers’ premium cabins, they honed in on “Fresh,” which is completely contingent on being smart and is the hardest to achieve, because it’s the one you have to focus on all the time.  Fresh is about taking a modern view and always moving forward and looking to the future.

Searching for a name

With the groundwork set, they knew it was important to come up with a name that is dynamic and versatile. Every shade of blue was too expected. Every lofty, airy word was too obvious. Every other word was not special enough.

During one of their brainstorm sessions, Jessica and Chan thought of the after-effects of long-haul flights—the grimy teeth, the baggy eyes, the overall tiredness and crankiness—and wanted JetBlue’s premium transcon experience to be the exact opposite—refreshing, relaxing, unexpected and revitalizing.

Then someone wrote “mint” on a piece of paper. Hmm… mint.  Mint, capital “M.”

Mint is fresh. It’s a sensory word. It’s a positive feeling. It’s also a color, which is great from a brand design standpoint. In both Spanish and English, mint has parallel meaning; it can be used as a verb, a noun or an adjective. It’s elegance without the eliteness.

Looking at synonyms for “Mint,” they saw a number of positive connotations:

Visually, literally and figuratively, Mint works: We’ve minted a new way to fly. We’ll keep you in mint condition. Acquire a new taste for flying. Flying should feel like a breath of fresh mint.

It was truly one of those “eureka” moments, and they knew they had it. This wasn’t just going to be any first class: this was the Mint experience.

So how is Mint different?

Mint is top-notch service and stylish seats without all of the formality and stuffiness often associated with other front-of-the-cabin experiences. Mint delivers unexpected, individualized “mo-mints” that revive and engage, keeping you in mint condition during your travels. Whether it’s resting up, fueling up, or catching up, the Mint experience is all about the feelings it inspires. We want our customers to think, “Wow, this was designed for me,” or “How did that crewmember know I needed that before I did?” Mint allows us to do just that.

The Mint concept shaping the customer experience!

Everything about the experience is uniquely Mint:
Mint logo

  • NOURISHMINT: A thoughtful, unexpected onboard dining experience that’s inspired by the latest restaurant trends. There will be no fanned white napkins thank you very much!
  • REFRESHMINT: Special touches throughout the experience to help weary travelers transition from burned out to refreshed and rejuvenated. This includes fully stocked, classy amenity kits that feel like more like gift bags than airline handouts.
  • MOMINT: An unexpected, memorable experience, whether it be the personalized greeting you’ll receive from an inflight crewmember, or it’s discovering and learning something new in your amenity kit, meal and other Mint offerings.

Jessica and Chan have managed quite the feat: creating the look and feel for a whole new experience that must have a strong brand in its own right. Let us know what you think by sharing your comments below!

In our next post, we’ll share with you details about where the core A321 will be flying.  Thanks for reading!