What should this winter weather event be called?


Surprise! 29 states across the U.S. are being slammed with yet another winter wonderland (minus the wonder), making 100 million Americans even crankier and grounding flights from coast to coast.

In past winters, we’ve not had to worry about what to call the winter storm because we called it just that, “the winter storm” (note the singular “the” because it was the only storm we experienced).

This winter, Mother Nature is more feisty (who put the jalapeno in her martini?!) and has hit us with week after week of dreary precipitation and bad travel conditions. To that end, we’ve had to put our creative hats on to distinguish between the regular snowstorms versus the mixed precipitation versus the ice pellet-sleet-hail-rain-snow-mixtures from a place that we should call Hell, only it’s definitely not hot.

Snowmageddon, snowpocalypse, Snowbliteration, Angelina Snowlie, Snowzilla, Snowprah Winfrey, Snowstradamus, Snownormous are just a handful of the clever nomenclature that folks have come up with to describe this ongoing winter madness. Chicago was lagging when it officially named this most recent storm snOMG.

Get with the program, Chicago! snOMG was SO two storms ago!

Vote for your favorite winter storm name and add your own in the below comments field.

And don’t forget to check your flight status before heading to the airport!