Weekly airline news roundup- UNREST


Unrest seems to be the word of the week in airline news this week. The top story to fall under this uncomfy umbrella is Lufthansa’s sort-of strike, which promised to be the biggest in German airline history, but fizzled back into negotiations after less than one day- and that was good news for JetBlue codeshare Customers who cross the pond with Lufthansa. Ryanair CEO, Michael O’Leary, made British Airways uncomfortable when he used colorful language to describe their relationship with unionized employees. And the poor Northeast is breaking out those umbrellas yet again with a storm that slammed the Eastern seaboard, canceling hundreds of flights.

Iran felt some unrest this week in the name of semantics, as they threatened to ground airlines that use the wrong nomenclature. A threat elevated to a fist fight between flight attendants this week, air traffic controllers are on strike in France, British Airways gets ready to vote on a strike, Continental will cut 25% of its reservations staff, Frontier is pulling out of San Jose, the FAA wants to monitor pilots sleep, and the NTSB wants to record pilots’ conversations in the cockpit. To add to the drama, Cuba is having a rough start to their tourist season, a TSA officer was revealed as a felon and forced to resign, and a new study shows that a quarter of airline jobs have vanished over the past decade (except for the 12,000-plus added by JetBlue). And airports are apparently trashy. Not to mention that one very frisky feline caused a frenzy at Newark.

There is so much unrest in the air this week that it even prompted Canada to get mean. In addition to imposing sanctions on Air Canada to offer nut-free zones, they’re now talking about banning pets from the main cabin as well.

Can’t we all just get along?

Bombardier, on the other hand, was not uncomfortable when approached by Republic Airways, Inc, for the sale of 40 of their new CS300-series planes, the first order from a North American company. The bill is more than $3 billion- enough to create unrest amongst some folks.

We had a little slice of unrest this week when our partner had some issues and we had to cancel a bunch of flights in Austin. Our apologies! The storm has been challenging, but has not brought down our spirits or our schedules too badly.

As always, be safe and have a great weekend!