Weekly Airline News Roundup – Slick


slickPerhaps due to the recovering economy or just plain temerity in some cases, the airline industry seemed to step up its game this week and acted a little bit slick (and not necessarily in a bad way).

If the buzz it generated online was any indication, Spirit Airlines takes the gold when it comes to being slick this week, from its ad campaign that mocked the BP oil crisis, to its even more recent sale mocking BP’s CEO.

Virgin thinks Canada’s a pretty slick spot for growth (we all know where the Great White North is, even if we don’t always drop in to say hello). Airlines more generally are slightly slick, raising fees as the economy improves. And speaking of Canada, the slick-looking Mounties came under fire this week for the 2007 tasering of a man at the Vancouver airport who later died.

The three global airline alliances — Star Alliance, SkyTeam and Oneworld – are pretty slick inventions, the head of IATA said this week. And our friends in Ireland hope that cutting some transatlantic flights for winter will be the slick move needed to return U.S. operations to profitability in 2011. Emirates, meanwhile, is looking pretty slick as it surpasses other big airlines to become the world’s biggest (by at least one measure).

There’s nothing slick about a report that was released this week showing the volume of passengers bumped this year is as high as it’s been since 2001. The same holds for complaints from passengers that they were held on a hot plane for four hours.

And the A320 is slick, with news this week that this mainstay of our fleet topped 50 million flights.

And it begs mentioning that the U.S. soccer team was super slick when they scored that winning goal against Algeria, advancing them to the next round in the World Cup.

We at JetBlue had a pretty quiet week (less the cheering that could be heard through the hallways during the U.S. – Algeria World Cup match). We painted some roofs in Long Island City to help make them more eco-friendly, spray-painted some sidewalks at the Pasadena Chalk Festival, took a raincheck on the world’s largest Yoga event due to inclement weather, and are proactively preparing for Summer thunderstorm season.

As always, safe travels and have a great weekend! Thanks for reading!