Weekly Airline News Roundup – Reduction


This theme of reduction seemed to emerge in the airline industry this week, the biggest news of which is Southwest’s acquisition of AirTran, which will further reduce the low cost carrier (LCC) market. Though the shuffle may reduce capacity in the industry, it is expected to increase the bandwidth of Southwest’s wallet. And LCC carrier, Frontier, got slapped with a wet noodle in the blogosphere for its generic response to the Southwest news.  Of course, when consolidation comes to mind we think of the big, merger of Continental and United which becomes official today.

Speaking of reductions and Continental, the airline announced this week that it will no longer be offering free snacks on short-haul flights. Have we mentioned that we offer free, unlimited, name-brand snacks on all of our flights? Cape Air founder and CEO, Dan Wolf, meanwhile, reduced his role with the airline and passengers on a tourist flight from Turkey to Russia this week were reduced to standing because the flight was overbooked! Have we ever mentioned that we don’t oversell our flights?

Shameless promoting, we know.

In big news this week, the no-liquids rule may be reduced to a pile of obsolete, with news that it may be revoked in 2012 due to new screening equipment that will detect explosive materials inside containers. U.S. Homeland Security Chief, Janet Napolitano, is also trying to urge other countries to increase airport security measures globally.

Virgin Blue’s reservation system, Navitaire, went down this week, causing 400 cancelled flights and more than 50,000 stranded passengers.

American Airlines and American Eagle are further reducing their flights from San Juan, and Bombardier is being questioned for the landing gear problems that caused the emergency landing of the Delta flight at JFK last week. In stranger news, a woman felt reduced to calling in a bomb threat on a plane in which her ex was flying on his way to get married (we don’t recommend trying this at home).

A flight attendant was reduced to her underwear, after was caught trying to smuggle drugs in her knickers, and in the vein of attire, Lufthansa flight crews are donning traditional Bavarian wear in celebration of Oktoberfest.

In our neck of the woods, AYCJetter Wounded Warrior Robert Luscomb arrived home after a month of unlimited air travel and do-gooding around the country, and we’re coming up on our last week of All You Can Jet travel.

As always, safe travels and have a great weekend. Thanks for reading!