Weekly Airline News Roundup – Movement


News to come out of the airline industry this week was anything but stagnant. Though the bag was mixed with both good and bad news, one thing is for certain – it was far from boring!

Virgin America announced (again) that it would like to begin service from Chicago if it can get access to O’Hare, part of its recently public plan to expand by 60 planes. Continental announced this week that it won’t be making merger-related staff cuts until March 2011, although some bigwig announcements were made on Tuesday, while American Airlines and Delta plan to expand in Brazil.

It was discovered this week that the FAA failed in its oversight of safety orders at Northwest, an Allegiant Air flight made an emergency landing in Arizona, and a Lufthansa Cargo plane had a crash landing in Riyadh, Saudi’s capital airport (thankfully all are OK). Sadly, Pakistani airline, Airblue, crashed due to bad weather conditions and all 152 people on board were killed.

Japan Airlines asked its pilots to take pay cuts as its only option to survival, while AirTran says it will be bringing 100 new pilot jobs to Orlando, and someone didn’t help 9-year old Julien make his connection in Chicago to get home to his mom in Ottawa.

Another airline, meanwhile, booted a thin lady with standby status to make room for a not-as-thin teen who required two seats, Continental will be the first U.S. airline to test self-boarding (can Americans cut it?), and Lufthansa tests tastes in the sky.

American launched a new iPhone application with a travel guide, there’s word on the street that Lufthansa will name a new CEO, United won approval from the EU to buy Continental, Air Berlin hopes to join Oneworld airline alliance by early 2012, and the Middle East is increasingly becoming a hub for cross-world travel.

We had a good week, with news of a fabulous fall fare sale, Sarah McLachlan playing at T5, and shout-outs in Airline Business, The Chicago Tribune and on CNBC. Most importantly, perhaps, is that Hollywood legend, 90-year old Mickey Rooney, jetted with us!

As always, safe travels and have a great weekend. Thanks for reading!