Weekly Airline News Roundup – Feisty


Image courtesy of ciccioit on Flickr
Image courtesy of ciccioit on Flickr

News out of the airline industry was feisty this week, with the Spirit Airlines pilot strike taking the front seat. It wasn’t just news of the strike that sparked coverage, but the details around it, which involved the pilots picketing before the legally allotted commencement time of the strike, the early cancellation of flights in Fort Lauderdale, which created feisty crowds, and the claim on part of the pilot’s union that the management was misleading in its wording of the proposed settlement.

British Airways is talking yet of more strikes to come.

An article this past week points to the DOT’s recent efforts to log airline complaints, and there’s talk on Capitol Hill that airline regulation may be back. Speaking of coming back, business travelers are said to be returning to the skies for their mode of transportation, but are more frugal in their spending habits (they’re opting for the coach class and no booze). And feisty customers are taking their complaints to social media rather than via the more traditional routes.

EasyJet founder Sir Stelios is getting feisty over the increase in ancillary revenue at the airline, claiming that it is threatening to lose its status as a budget airline. There’s rumor that American Eagle may pull out of San Juan and Aer Lingus is planning on suspending some intercontinental flights.

It was a feist-a-liciously fun week for us, with our leaders making appearances in the media, the opening of Ben & Jerry’s Sccop Shop at JFK’s T5, and a gargantuan juice bottle that started at our JFK hangar and then made its way to Midtown Manhattan to introduce Ocean Spray’s new Blueberry Juice Cocktail.

As always, safe travels and thanks for reading!