Weekly airline news roundup- disappointment


Disappointment seemed to ring out into the air in this week’s airline news, beginning with the tragic crash in Russia that took the lives of the Polish President, his wife, and 97 of Poland’s best and brightest.

A volcano eruption in Iceland disappointed hundreds of thousands of travelers all over northern Europe that can’t fly because of flying debris. Travelers are also disappointed by the increasing number of upgrade fees. Meanwhile, Milwaukee is disappointed that their hometown airline name, Midwest, will disappear as Frontier takes the title of the merged airlines (though rest assured, Midwest’s signature cookies will remain). Continental, meanwhile, disappoints their employees as they cut 20 baggage handler jobs at Richmond’s airport.

Image courtesy of Max Z on Flickr
Image courtesy of Max Z on Flickr

Senator Schumer in New York is disappointed that Spirit Airlines wants to charge for carry-on luggage and is pushing for legislation to prevent them and others from doing so. The National Mediation Board is disappointed that American Airlines hasn’t resolved their union disputes and are asking all parties back to the negotiating table, and the annual Airline Quality survey put out by Wichita State University found that travelers are less disappointed by airlines this year compared with last, but only, perhaps, because they’ve lowered their expectations. And, with a twist of irony, airports are strangely not disappointed by the upcoming implementation of the 3-hour tarmac delay rule. United and US Airways are disappointed that they may have to forgo from major hub-to-hub travel in order to be approved for a merger, and the IATA says that mergers are a must for the health of the airline industry’s future.

Suffice to say the week is not over yet, lest we jinx ourselves, but JetBlue has not had a disappointing week; quite the opposite, in fact. We had a successful ticket giveaway in Boston, received favorable reviews from The Street, the Airline Quality Report, and CNBC, and we also announced Hilton as the first hotel partner in our TrueBlue program.

As always, safe travels and have a great weekend!