Weekly Airline News Roundup – Connected


Image courtesy of markhillary on Flickr

This week’s theme may not pertain to most of the news stories, but it speaks to our big connectivity announcement this week, where we unveiled our plan to harness satellite technology to offer internet access to our valued Customers. In other big news this week, we announced our partnership with New York and the cobranding of the I LOVE NY logo (plus Gawker ran a contest where readers competed for the best redesigned NY logo in all sorts of wacky ways, and someone even gave JetBlue some love). In addition to this big ticket news item, we also announced several other exciting ventures, including the kickoff of our Latin Concert Series with Shakira, our big giveaway in Buffalo, The University of Texas’ mascot BEVO’s 94th birthday celebration with $94 fares, and news that we will be receiving PFLAG’s Corporate Leadership Award.

In other airline news this week, employment in the industry has been down this year, though of note is that the trend doesn’t hold when it comes to us! Despite decreased hiring, passenger volume has been increasing, and the IATA predicts a sharp increase in airline profits. Perhaps due to the optimistic forecast, airlines are not expected to be offering discounted fares this holiday season.

Not everyone is doing swell, though. Albany to Buffalo flights are ending, Mesa is filing for bankruptcy, and United got slapped with $12,000 in fines for reporting tarmac delay rules that may or may not be susceptible to fines.

In more positive news, Southwest should buy Sun Country, according to an influential analyst, Spirit Airlines has plans to go public, and US Airways expands its Charlotte hub with more international flights. Meanwhile, our friends over at Lufthansa named a new CEO, announced they’re buying 48 new aircraft, and likely flew more than a few inebriated Americans home from the revelry at Oktoberfest, which kicked off on Sunday. Offshore drillers are told to look to airlines for good examples of how they might better monitor their operations. Most interestingly, perhaps, is that Airbus announced hopes this week of building a transparent fuselage. Gone will be the days of leaning over the stranger seated next to you to catch a glimpse of the one-foot-by-two-foot view of sky, bringing a whole new definition to “in-flight entertainment”.

As always, safe travels and have a great weekend. Thanks for reading!