Weekly Airline News Roundup – Action/Adventure


Image courtesy of fuyoh on Flickr

This week in the airline industry was action-packed, starting with the missing luggage of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu (even if you’re a national leader or a super hero, your luggage can still get lost), which included his bodyguards’ guns. And as the action ensues on the field during the World Cup, so too does the competition in the air, with airlines competing for travelers to the international sporting match.

No shortage of action ever at JFK, including this past week when Terminal 1 was evacuated for a bomb scare – thankfully a false alarm. Delta and US Airways, meanwhile, are acting together, dropping a proposed slot-swap in favor of taking it the courts. And speaking of slots, Continental and Air Canada have been tentatively cleared for takeoff (and landing) out of Billy Bishop Toronto City Centre Airport on Toronto Island (that mouthful is Toronto Island Airport for the rest of us) and American was one of three U.S. airlines cleared for travel into Tokyo’s coveted Haneda Airport.

Kuwait and Iraq, meanwhile, are in the courtroom battling it out over war reparations for aircraft damaged – and stolen – during the Gulf War. And BP claims it cut off fuel supply to Iranian planes, but Iran has a different story to tell. Aren’t there three sides to every story?

Start-up airlines, like Virgin America, face long odds in the struggle for survival, Delta is selling two of its regional airlines (though will still operate under the Delta banner), and lawmakers are once again acting to gain more long-haul flights out of the tightly-restricted Reagan Washington National Airport.

We had a pretty quiet week at JetBlue. We celebrated Independence Day, enjoyed a great piece in Advertising Age about how we “became one of the hottest brands in America,” and literally were one of the hottest brands, braving it through the heat wave that’s affecting the Northeast.

As always, safe travels and have a great weekend! Thanks for reading!