Weekly Airline News Roundup- A Return to Normalcy


This week saw a return to normalcy of sorts in the airline industry. Air travel across the Atlantic resumed close to normal operations following last week’s volcanic eruption (though not without having lost a whopping $1.7 billion). The irony of Icelandair operating while others weren’t wasn’t lost on us!

US Airways ceased its chats with United about a merger, ending the possibility of forming an abnormally ginormous airline. Also this week, Southwest announced a profit and Delta announced a loss, returning to a normal balance the model where better service matches better earnings.

The industry took a long, hard look at the upcoming reality of the implementation of the 3-hour tarmac delay rule and the DOT turned down requests for exemption from airlines facing abnormal circumstances (like runway construction at JFK, for one). Spirit Airlines, meanwhile, is acting within their normal protocol following the “carry-on luggage crisis” and will be offering pre-reclined seats, which actually means the seats will not recline at all.

It was a big week for us (which seems to be the norm, there’s always something exciting in the cooker). We announced new service to Hartford, a fabulous JetPride flight from San Francisco to Long Beach, and- perhaps most poignantly- we were mentioned on Sesame Street!

And who could forget Earth Day? Nothing more normal than the annual day when we pay homage to our planet and try to undo some of the damage that we’ve done (or least allow ourselves to feel guilty about it).

As always, safe travels and have a great weekend.