Weekly airline news roundup


Image courtesy of photographerpandora on Flickr
Image courtesy of photographerpandora on Flickr

The word of the week in the airline industry this week is WACKY. A lot of quirk worked its way into the main cabin. From Kevin Smith’s media monopoly coverage after getting booted from a flight because he was deemed too large (not an ode to his film credits), to an irate traveler taking a swing at Mitt Romney after Romney asked him to return his seat to its upright and locked position for takeoff, this week certainly served up some raised eyebrows.

This week, a man was asked to leave a plane after becoming testy when he couldn’t get water for his pregnant wife. Another man was arrested at Stewart Airport for causing a stir and refusing to sit during landing.Yet another man was asked to deplane because he smelled. Most disturbingly, a man thought the IRS stunk so badly that he drove his plane into their building. Yes, all true.

The wife of the Christmas Day underwear bomber admitted in court that she knew of- and supported- her husband’s terrorist plan. And the TSA wants to reach out and touch our hands. Also, medical personnel who happened to be traveling lent a helping hand to deliver baby Tami (named after the Bolivian airline) at 24,000 feet.

Perhaps helping to cap the curiously strange week, a slow return to normalcy is evidenced by the first commercial flights starting to fly in and out of Port-au-Prince since the devastating earthquake more than a month ago. To really ground the fun and games, “strike” is in the air with many airlines. Ground operations at one airline voted to unionize, another is taking steps to organize a strike, and yet another is planning to strike starting early next week. To raze the entertainment entirely, Delta announced this week their plans to demolish the old Pan Am terminal at JFK this summer.

It was a relatively quiet week for us (no news is good news!). We presented Boston’s Truck Day and helped outfit beantown’s JetBlue-branded equipment truck as it departed for its journey south to Florida for spring training. Also in Boston, it was announced this week that our shared terminal at Logan is going to see a facelift with new lighting, more windows, a  big, centralized security checkpoint, and a useful walkway to help connect Customers between the terminal’s two piers (we’ve officially expanded into both sides of Terminal C!).

And since we don such a good sense of humor, we can appreciate Stanley Bing’s shout-out to us (a nod to suggestion #6 and might we recommend you check out the tirelessly tickling kitty kat dance?).

To bring it home, lest we forget to report on Canada’s seriousness about peanut allergies. Yes, the government has ordered Air Canada to create nut-free zones.

As always, be safe and Happy Jetting!