Weekly airline news roundup


When it snows, it blizzards and boy did we get hit this week! The Northeast got slammed with ice, wind, and snow (cue the disco) on Wednesday, and D.C. and surrounding areas got a double dose, closing airports for the second time in a week.

Rough weather coupled with less-than-positive airline news makes for fewer humorous puns in this week’s roundup. A man was found dead in the wheel well of a plane that flew from NYC to Tokyo. The black box was found from the recent, fatal Ethiopian Airlines crash. This week also memorializes the 1-year anniversary of the Buffalo crash. A Frontline special this week took a contextual look at why certain regional airlines are seen as cutting corners when it comes to safety. And while we’re on the safety topic, the FAA came out in full force this week, slapping a couple of airlines with the wet noodle (not to mention potential, hefty fines) for varying violations.

Hefty fines are also on the tongue of one legacy airline, as they announced this week their imposition of fees for blankets (wonder if they will be as comfy as ours, which are a buck cheaper!) as well as $50 for standby passengers.

Brazil, which always seems to operate on a different plane (get it?!) than the rest of the universe, is enjoying the success of airline, Azul (not to mention good weather). And if you haven’t checked it out, Azul produced a promotional music video that will get you out of your office chair dancing with or without a working knowledge of Portuguese.

It was another big week for us, with the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of our inaugural flight, where we announced the tailfin contest winner and a special commemorative livery. In addition to the fun part of the week, we continue to work diligently to get back on track after the snowmaggeden, to stay on top of ongoing, but tapering, Sabre cutover business, and to gear up for the big President’s Day travel weekend.

Keep your eyes peeled for some Valentine’s fun this weekend on B6BLOG and until then, stay warm and Happy Jetting!