We think we love you: David Cassidy jets Blue


As told by Airport Operations Crewmember Reneé :

If you grew up in the 70’s then you grew up with TV shows you could watch with the entire family! (unlike the junk of today! 🙁  )  If you grew up during this era, you too wished your family played in a band and toured the country in a bus, hitting amusement parks and every touristy destination in the United States!

To many of us,  David Cassidy a.k.a. Keith Partridge was our ‘first love!’ He was to us then what I guess Justin Bieber is now!  Girls screamed, cried and chased him like the Beatles.  I remember playing my 45 with the silver label from bell records of his #1 song, ” I Think I Love You!” about a million times.  It was a time of Partridge Family lunch  boxes, albums, and David on the cover of every teen magazine!

When David Cassidy checked in with my co worker Ivy I immediately recognized him and well, did not do such a good job of concealing my excitement!  He was very humbled by the love, thankfully, and spent quite some time with me.  It was hard to believe I was walking and talking with my first ever ‘crush’! I remembered the time I sent a letter to his fan club, knowing full well it never made it, as I was too young to even know how to address the envelope!

David’s travels on JetBlue were taking him to New York for a surprise guest appearance on Good Morning America in regards to his recently published book, “I think I love you.”  I have heard from David Cassidy since his departure on JetBlue and with all his positive compliments we may hear a next new hit entitled, ” I think I Love Blue!” I can definitely say that our CrewMembers in Orlando were a big hit with this famous 70’s Icon!