We Fly Planes There, We Fly Them Back…


We announced some of our forward-looking plans at yesterday’s Analyst Day, including our intention to introduce a premium product on our transcontinental routes in 2014.

We chose to introduce this product only on our coast-to-coast flying because customers don’t get what they pay for today, and we think we can do it better, and for a lower fare.  We specifically mentioned daylight flying where we see the most opportunity.

Some of our most loyal customers and even some JetBlue crewmembers wondered why we would only offer this exciting new product on daytime coast-to-coast… !

To set the record perfectly straight: We will roll out our premium product on our target coast-to-coast markets, both day and night!

After all, we fly our planes there, and then we fly them back.

We offered a job to Jeannie (you might remember her from such network sitcoms of the mid to late 1960′s as “I Dream of Jeannie”), but we’re still waiting on the paperwork to go through before we can employ her to magically reconfigure our cabins at the blink of an eye. Until then, you’ll just have to enjoy our quality core product and service offerings on both outbound and return flights.

Please enjoy this catchy theme song and stay tuned for more details on our exciting new offerings later this year.