Crewmembers to run in Hangzhou


JetBlue has long been a proud participant in WARR (World Airline Road Race). Crewmembers will be in Hangzhou, China this year for WARR 2009 on Sept. 10-13. We asked team captain and FLL Inflight Crewmember Jaime Ramirez to share some thoughts on the experience for the blog:

I am happy to say I have been participating in WARR for seven years. WARR offers a 5K and a 10K race, and every year we get more and more JetBlue Crewmembers to join the running family. It’s a great benefit for us and the hosting company, which is TinBo Travel this year. You also meet airline staff from different countries and future Customers who want to know about our airline. At the event, you realize that we are all in this together as an industry. Our team works hard to promote a positive outlook for travel in today’s economy.

Crewmembers gather at WARR 2008 in Sydney, Australia
Crewmembers gather at WARR 2007 in Sydney, Australia

My first WARR was in Orlando, and then went to Prague, Calgary, Amsterdam, Sydney and Ottawa. Next year, the hosting airline will be British Airways, so the event will be in England. I am very excited with the Crewmembers who go and show their Blue colors. They show true professionalism and pride in the company we work for. JetBlue started participating in WARR when we attended in Malaysia back in 2002. I did not attend that year but Dana Wells and Mark van Dijk did — they continue to be team captains.

WARR is a four-day event. There is a meet-and-greet party, a registration party and a t-shirt swap party, in addition to the race and post-race banquet. JetBlue is really known for this event; every airline in the world participates and I am happy with the support our company gives us. A special thanks to our CEO Dave Barger, who has supported this event every year since I have known him. A big thanks to TJ McCormick, Doreen Franzitta, Sebastian White and the many Crewmembers in Marketing and Brand who support us, as well.