Wander from Home: Puerto Rico

Wander From Home

Puerto Rico

With some help from our partners, we’re bringing Puerto Rico right to you.
Scroll down for authentic activities and experiences that give you all the island vibes at home.

Get a Taste of Paradise

Introduce some island flavors to your own kitchen island with the two recipes below
from our partners at Food52.

pina coladas

Photo By James Ransom

If you like piña coladas, you won’t want to get caught without this recipe.


Photo By Richard Swanson

For a taste of the culture, try this spin on the classic Puerto Rican mofongo.

Surround Yourself with Island Sounds

Relax amongst waterfalls, tropical birds and the unique Puerto Rican Coqui frog with Discover Puerto Rico’s Sounds of PR Playlist. With four peaceful soundscapes to choose from, you can escape to a new part of the island any time.

Closeup of a wild Monk Parakeet couple or Quaker Parrots in Miami, Florida.

Pro tip: take some time to clear your mind with the extended versions.

Add Brunch Back to the Weekend

Sunday can still be funday, even from inside. Join Discover Puerto Rico and their friends at Spoon Food Tours as they mix up a Puerto Rican inspired brunch, live. Sunday, April 26th at 10:30am ET.

Coconut cocktail in glasses with lemon and drinking straw

Is it really brunch without the booze? Learn how to whip up a Limonada de Coco (a coconut lemonade with, you guessed it, rum).

Cuban Guava Cakes

Then, bake a sweet island classic: Panatela de Guayaba. It’s cool, you can thank us later.

Check out more from Discover Puerto Rico on their YouTube channel and follow @discoverpuertorico on Instagram to keep up with upcoming virtual events.

Did You Know?

Under the surface of Puerto Rico’s three bioluminescent bays live thousands of single-celled microorganisms called dinoflagellates. When these little guys are disturbed, they turn beautiful greens and blues creating a unique natural phenomenon.

Mosquito Bay, declared the brightest bio bay in the world in 2006, is the most popular. Though it went dark after Hurricane Maria, it has returned even brighter.

bio bay puerto rico

Source: Discover Puerto Rico

Thank you for staying home and traveling to Puerto Rico with us.

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