Wake Up, Beef Up, Power Up, Shape Up or Cheer Up now!


If given the opportunity wouldn’t you Wake Up, Beef Up, Power Up, Shape Up or Cheer Up if it cost just $6?! Well now you can with Eat Up!, our buy-onboard meal program on select flights. Don’t worry, we’re not trying to pull a fast one on you – we are still serving our complimentary and unlimited name brand snack lineup!

eatup1Just like we offer the most legroom in our class, we also offer the option of even more legroom for a little extra. Similarly, we offer free TV and for a few bucks more you can watch movies too.

bob2Now, in addition to our tasty free snacks, we’re also offering something a little more substantive at a great price for those that wish to chow down. We are providing a selection of five transfat-free boxed meals, including one completely kosher option, to satisfy those seeking something more substantial in flight. Each meal costs just $6 and comes with some great-tasting food (and a snazzy-looking box).

Keep an eye (and appetite) out for these new products now available on A320 flights that are 3 hours and 45 minutes or longer and Eat Up!