Two brothers, two pilots, one dream


Mauricio and Joe Andrade both shared a love of airplanes from a young age, but didn’t know how that could ever translate into a professional career as pilots given their humble upbringing. With five siblings total and a meager income, Mauricio and Joe spent the earlier part of their lives on St. Vincent, and then New Bedford, Massachusetts, where their family emigrated in search of a better education and future for their children.

By way of hard work, loans, a lucky offer to volunteer to assist a pilot, Mauricio was able to achieve his long-term objective of becoming a commercial pilot. His brother followed in his footsteps and the two now jet with us! Most importantly, though, he didn’t let go of his dreams and always remembered an inspiring nugget of wisdom that his junior high school teacher passed along. “Mauricio,” she said, “you can do anything.”

Watch the video interview where the brothers share their story below and read the full, translated article about the Andrade brothers here: