Tuesday's Travel Tips- Syracuse, New York


This week’s stop on the BlueCity tour is Syracuse, New York. Named after the Italian city, Siracusa, this city is the fifth largest in New York and is home to a rich history, an excellent college basketball team, and- of course- the annual New York State Fair.

Airports Supervisor, Michael, worked with Crewmembers in Syracuse to come up with

Image courtesy of Koshyk on Flickr
Image courtesy of Koshyk on Flickr

some fabulous tidbits and travel tips about this northern BlueCity.

The SYR airport has the largest snow plow in the world. The blade measures 32 feet 3 inches wide and 4 feet tall. This is especially noteworthy given all of the snow that Syracuse sees, with an average of more than 170 inches per year. As a result, the city has won the Golden Snowball, the award for most snowfall, 42 times from 1952- present. Their closest New York rival is Buffalo, having won 9 times. This year, despite Baltimore and surrounding areas having received a number of major storms, Syracuse still managed to quietly reach 106.1 inches to take yet another Golden Snowball championship.

Syracuse is known as the “salt city” because it produced salt from the salt brine springs along Onodaga Lake for over a hundred years.

Tipperary Hill is a cute Irish neighborhood in Syracuse and it boasts the only traffic light in

Image courtesy of Dougtone on Flickr
Image courtesy of Dougtone on Flickr

the entire USA where the green light is on top and the red light on the bottom. During the time in America when  matching street lights were designed to show the red light on top, a group of youths that lived in Tipperary Hill protested the change. They felt that in an Irish neighborhood, the green should always be on top. Each time the city officials put in a new light with the red light on top, this group would throw stones and break the red light. From this, the group earned the name The Stone Throwers. Every year at midnight, at the start of March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, the descendants of the Stone Throwers hold a ceremony under the light. They pay homage to the original group with the local community, and paint a large shamrock under the light. The last of the original Stone Throwers has reportedly passed, but you can connect with the tradition by visiting the nearby Stone Thrower Cafe.

Syracuse is the home of the original Dinosaur BBQ, renowned restaurant with outstanding BBQ with all the fixins. Also, across from the Dinosaur BBQ is a little bakery, Mimis, that

Image courtesy of post406 on Flickr
Image courtesy of post406 on Flickr

makes the best half-moon (black and white) cookies!

Syracuse is a stone’s throw from the center of the Finger Lakes region, the home of over 90 wineries and vineyards. Wine tours run out of Syracuse all throughout the spring, summer, and autumn. Make sure to have a designated driver for this portion of your tour!

Syracuse has 34 colleges and universities within 50 miles of the city. The most central and well known is Syracuse University, which boasts a strong, liberal arts education, a boastful athletics department, and a scenic- though very windy- campus.

With very affordable flights to Syracuse from New York’s JFK as well as Orlando, this charming and friendly BlueCity is waiting for you to explore!

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