Tuesday's Travel Tips – Anchorage


This week’s Tuesday’s Travel Tips takes us to Anchorage! This northern soon-to-be BlueCity is in the largest state in America, though it has one of the smallest populations (which means more land for each person!).

Images courtesy of Alison Croyle

Anchorage is a unique city culturally and geographically. The city is largely defined geographically (and arguably psychologically as well) by a 9.2 magnitude earthquake back in 1964, which caused a tsunami that literally brought the city ten feet closer to sea level, petrified forests, and razed everything in its path.

Some fun facts about Anchorage include that 1 in 12 residents own a pilot’s license. There aren’t a lot of main highways in the state and so small planes are a popular way of getting around. There’s even a pizza place that makes deliveries using a plane! Now, that’s our kind of pizza!

Anchorage and Alaska in general is one of the most active geothermal spots on Earth, which means you’ll see majestic mountains, rapidly changing tides, giant fauna. Maybe due to the diverse nature of the climate, the people of Anchorage seem to have a friendly, if not quirky flair. Denizens of Anchorage also seem to have a great sense of humor!

Anchorage is home to the annual Iditarod, the famous sled race where humans work alongside musher dogs to glide through 1,150 miles of Alaskan terrain. The below image shows the vehicle of this year’s winner, John Baker, the first native Alaskan to win the race since 1976.

Though Alaska is a part of the United States, the abundant wildlife makes it easy to forget you’re in the same country. Take a day tour out of the city to experience “the big wild” and see animals you may not know exist! One such animal is the muskox, a cousin of the prehistoric wooly mammoth. Named for their foul odor, which males use to attract females (clearly not human females), they are most known to humans for their unusually soft and durable fur. Spotting these large Arctic animals will surely make you feel like you’ve not only left the country, but also the millennium!

One of the perks of visiting Anchorage during the summer months when we’ll be flying there is that the sun stays up late! Midnight golf anyone? Spring and fall are also great times to view the Northern Lights.

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