TSA wants to reach out and touch your hand


It’s not just about pat-downs anymore. The TSA wants snuggle up even closer to air travelers and reach out and touch our hands. As one of the first visible steps to “make this a better world” and to increase security after the underwear bomber’s foiled Christmas Day terrorist plot, the TSA is implementing random hand swabs to test for bomb residue.

Image courtesy of batega on Flickr
Image courtesy of batega on Flickr

Is is just us or are things getting very intimate in the airport security sector? Underwear bombers, pat-downs, shoes off, talks about “naked” scanners, and now hand swabs?

Not sure about you, but it’s reasonable to expect some formalities as a prerequisite for all this up-close-and-personal business. Surely, certain introductions should come before we engage in the very intimate act of hand-holding. For instance, we’ve no clue what the TSA’s favorite color is or how they take they’re coffee. If we could feign a guess, it’d be blue and black (respectively, color and coffee).  Limited judgment passed if artificial sweetener is preferred; after all, who doesn’t like a little sugar? Sweet-and-low and crime-fighting just don’t seem to have a natural alliance, but then again, whatever helps to keep us safe.