TrueBlue takes a dip in the Family Pool


Today we’re spreading the news about latest way we’re building on TrueBlue: Family Pooling. We’ll be the only major carrier in the United States that offers a way for family members to earn TrueBlue points for their flights and share those points with each other at no cost. Watch the video below to learn all about the new program, and then read an interview with Dave Canty, Director Loyalty Marketing, who explains how Family Pooling came together.


Dave Canty on Family Pooling

As a father, what does Family Pooling mean to you?
Dave Canty: The customers who fly for family travel have been ignored by other airlines when it comes to being rewarded for their loyalty. To me, Family Pooling is about showing appreciation for that loyalty. While TrueBlue Mosaic recognized those who fly us often, Family Pooling recognizes families who make the decision to include JetBlue in their special summer vacation or winter getaway, for example. As a dad, I understand that it’s a big decision during the planning process, and I see Family Pooling as JetBlue’s way of saying thank you.

Did you run the idea for Family Pooling by our customers?
DC: Actually, we got a resounding thumbs up! We held focus groups and an online panel and there was huge support for the idea. There’s a core segment of our customers that chooses JetBlue exclusively for their family travel, and we wanted to find a way within TrueBlue to recognize that loyalty. Allowing customers to pool their points seemed like an obvious opportunity. I honestly believe that if there was any airline in the United States that could do this, it had to be JetBlue.

What are our competitors doing that’s similar?
DC: We’re the only carrier in the United States to offer Family Pooling and our competitors don’t have anything that’s similar. However, history shows that other carriers tend to follow suit, similar to the way we once were the only carrier to introduce a revenue-based loyalty program and implement a badging element. While there will inevitably be followers, I know we’ll out-perform when it comes to delivery.

It’s a busy time for JetBlue – lots of things happening! How does TrueBlue fit into the picture?
DC: TrueBlue is a core offering of JetBlue and complements the JetBlue Experience. Since it is revenue-based, it becomes even more relevant and rewarding to the customer if they buy a Mint or an Even More Space seat. I see Family Pooling as another way JetBlue inspires humanity. We listened to what our customers wanted and came up with a solution for them –- sometimes putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is the simplest way to show you care, and that’s what we did when it came to developing Family Pooling.


Want to learn more about Family Pooling? Head to TrueBlue: Family Pooling