Traveling this week, don’t want to take your coat…Check!


Weather in the Northeast is unpredictable at best. Spring weather can include frost and winter-like temperatures in the morning, cool, relaxing breezes in the afternoon, followed by April showers in the evening. To accommodate the ever-changing thermometer, we now have the perfect solution for those traveling from T5 to warmer climates.

Are you traveling to Grandma’s for Easter or your parent’s for Passover? Does the forecast for April showers call for you to wear your jacket to the airport, but you don’t want to be weighed down with your jacket while vacationing in a warmer climate. Now you can check your coat at the airport. JetBlue has partnered with CoatChex to offer a new-age coat check option for customers traveling through T5.  CoatChex answers the age-old question – Should I take my coat with me?

After years of checking coats the “old-fashioned” way, CoatChex Founder Derek Pacque came up with a new-age way of doing things – ticketless technology for coat checking. This innovative technology provides peace-of -mind through mobile checking and smart tags which capture transactions very quickly, accurately and in real-time. Customers input their phone number and initials into a digital kiosk. Next, the application takes a picture of the guest and their belongings and electronically checks in their item(s), enhancing efficiency and security and eliminating the need for a paper ticket. When customers pick up their coats, they simply input the last 4 digits if their phone number, the staff confirms via a photo match and the coat ID code appears instructing the staff which coat/items to retrieve.

CoatChex is only available at JetBlue’s T5 and its kiosk is currently located in the main marketplace in the terminal. CoatChex will have a centrally located kiosk starting in the Fall to accommodate even more coats and items.

Pricing starts at $2 per day or $10 for one week. To check your coat, visit the kiosk at T5 in JFK Airport or visit for more information.