There’s more to the south than soul food: Atlanta’s international cuisine


When visiting the South, you’ll have no problem finding comfort food to represent the region’s rich culinary history. What you might not know is that Atlanta is just as famous for International cuisine.

Take your taste buds on a tour of more than 20 countries on the 8-mile Buford Highway or head to international culinary destinations tucked throughout the city.

Atlanta skyline at night

Gluten free home cooking: Arepa Mia
Experience authentic Venezuelan fare at Arepa Mia in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market. Kick off your day with a Perico Arepa. Traditional white corn flatbread known as arepa teams up with caramelized onions, tomato and sweet-and-salty queso de ano. The eatery features simple, kid-friendly decor and stellar food focused around fresh local ingredients. Arepas aren’t all Arepa Mia offers. The 100 percent gluten-free menu has beef-rich entrees, soups, salads and street food.

Southern-fried Seoul food: Takorea
Savor one-of-a-kind cuisine at the Korean-Mexican fusion of Takorea. If you’ve never tried Korean food, the fusion of its flavors with familiar Mexican food will make you a fan. Try Korean fried chicken with kimchi fried rice, wrapped up as a burrito in a flour tortilla. Or nosh a pork belly tako with cucumber, carrots and chayote. From the Seoul and Mexico signs outside to the whimsical interior, Takorea delivers its fun fusion in an equally entertaining atmosphere.

Bangladesh on Buford: Panahar Bangladeshi Cuisine
Savor Chef Mirza Chowdhury’s modern take on traditional flavors from Bangladesh at Panahar Bangladeshi Cuisine. An extensive menu covers much more than beef and chicken—enjoy shrimp, tilapia, lamb, goat and vegetarian dishes as well. Mix it up with a Mixed Tondoori Platter. Skewers of chicken, beef, lamb and shrimp grill in a tondoori clay oven and sizzle to the table with a bed of herbed baash-moti rice. Finish with Firni, a sweet and fruity baash-moti rice pudding.

A taste of the Caribbean: Cuban Diner
When your taste buds want to take a tropical turn, head to Cuban Diner in Marietta. The Mojito Chicken comes roasted or fried, but the seasoning is what makes it truly special. It’s flavored with mojo sauce, which Marietta keeps secret, but classically includes sour citrus juice combined with spices such as garlic and cumin. Or munch on a classic Cuban sandwich and wash it down with a mango or papaya tropical milkshake.

Little Italia: Antico-Pizza Napoletana
If your idea of international cuisine is a good pizza, you’re in luck. Antico-Pizza Napoletana in Westside Little Italia is as authentic as it gets. Brick ovens and specialty ingredients like bufala cheese from water buffalos come straight from Italy, and you’ll see menu prices in Euros as well as dollars. Eat up the restaurant’s signature pie, the San Gennaro. Savor Italian sausage, sweet and spicy peppers, bufala and sweet Cipolline onions spread over a crisp crust. The restaurant is one of four sister restaurants on the block, which include a locale specializing in chicken dishes, a gelateria and a fine dining establishment.