The Writing Isn't Always On The Wall


“Numbers don’t lie, but they sure can deceive.” – The Globe and Mail

Some numbers are written in stone – we know there are seven days in a week, ten toes on the average pair of feet, and 70 cities that JetBlue flies to. Other numbers, though, like the world population, Elizabeth Taylor’s marriages, or the number of times you think about [FILL IN BLANK WITH SOMETHING YOU THINK ABOUT A LOT] in a day, are harder to confirm because they are moving pieces with myriad variables. Among other numbers that are more difficult to pin down are some of the stats that rank airlines.

Our Chief Operating Officer Rob along with members of our leadership team met with the Department of Transportation (DOT) today to talk about the integrity of reporting in its monthly Air Travel Consumer Reports. The reports rank the major airlines on everything from baggage handling performance to customer complaints and on-time arrival rates.

We’re all about honest conversations and we feel our customers deserve that same level of transparency from everyone so they can make a truly informed decision when they choose what airline to fly with. Did you know that a sizable number of the flights that most airlines sell are operated by regional carriers whose numbers do not get reported? So if you book a flight with a major airline out of New York, it’s possible that you’re flying with another carrier that has completely different stats that don’t reflect the carrier you booked with. Bottom line is that none of us are getting the full picture.

We know we have room to improve with on-time performance, and that’s something we’re working on with the help of our 14,000 crewmembers on each and every flight. To combat congestion in the Northeast, where the majority of our flights operate in to or out of, we’ve teamed up with NextGen to lead the industry in identifying new flight corridors for the future of air travel. There are, though, some valid concerns that the numbers as they’re currently reported don’t tell the whole story.

On the brighter side, we know the stats that site us as the airline with the fewest number of bumped passengers is correct because we’re the only guys who don’t overbook our flights.

As a major airline with a small-company feel, JetBlue stands up for our customers and crewmembers, is forthcoming about our shortcomings, and fights the good fight for accurate representation.