The Evolution Continues


This afternoon we invited some guests to our home in Long Island City, New York to hear more about our continued evolution of our core product, and our new take on the premium experience: an amazing lie-flat seat, and stellar in-flight service we’re calling Mint!

With the fitting backdrop of our hometown New York, we introduced fellow New York brands Birchbox and Saxon + Parole, our new partners who’ll be providing amenity kits and curating our tapas-style menu for our new Mint experience.

Perhaps the biggest news today was the initial fares for this new Mint product: $499-$999 each way. Just as we revolutionized pricing in the coach (Core) market 13 years ago, we’re doing the same in the premium space. The other guys charge $2,000 or more for similar products, but we believe our “fair fares” will give us a chance to serve the under-served and attract a new breed of premium fliers.

But don’t think that this evolution is a turn away from that core experience that got us here. Mint will appear on 2 of our 180 routes… which means there’s still a lot of customers looking for something new. New comes in the form of our new core seats with improved ergonomics, larger seat-back monitors (10 inches) and hey look at that, power outlets accessible from every seat!

For our “low density” A321s, we’re also introducing the Inflight Marketplace, a mid-cabin stop for any customer who wants to grab a beverage or snack. An idea we got from our own crewmembers who often set up inpromptu stations for customers to help themselves to additional snacks during a long flight.

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