The Customer Experience Effect: A Look at What We Learned in 2017 and What’s Ahead (Post #4)


Over the past few weeks, I’ve shared some of the key things we’ve learned about the current landscape of the customer experience sector. From defining innovation and reinforcing the importance of keeping the human touch to watching your customers – and understanding their behavior – the customer experience is complex and constantly evolving.

Here at JetBlue, we continue to find ways to innovate the travel experience so it’s personal, helpful and simple. As we plan for the year ahead (and beyond!), it is important that we are able to anticipate and adapt to the future needs of our customers.

Planning for the future isn’t easy but there are a number of ways to help you get started – one of them being journey mapping.

One example I found interesting was panelist Garen Moreno of BMW DesignWorks’ use of the “North Star” approach to vision mapping for the future state of the customer experience. “Our strategic approach is based on all of the information we have now, plus trend and future forecasting. We look at that and say ‘we feel the future is going to be like this.’” Garen went on to note that once a company identifies its vision, one can use the “Fixed Star” approach to get there, plotting the points and steps to help while making some micro adjustments along the way.

At JetBlue, we are excited about the future of travel and look forward to continuing to innovate the experience for our crewmembers and customers. We will follow our steps to the future and continue to improve the customer experience we offer, while incorporating micro-innovations and empathy along the way.