The Customer Experience Effect: A Look at What We Learned in 2017 and What’s Ahead (Post #3)


Guest post from Liliana Petrova, director of customer experience at JetBlue

So far, we have taken a look at what innovation really means and why it is important to keep the human touch and really connect with our customers.

This week, let’s talk about why it’s key to watch your customers – and understand human behavior.

How do we keep a customer in focus when we build things? At JetBlue, when we start doing anything, we always try to imagine it through the eyes of the customer and think about how crewmembers can deliver hospitality.

Allegra Burnett, a consultant and former creative director of digital media at the Museum of Modern Art, reminds us of the importance of taking a holistic approach to understanding customers and the ways they interact. During her time working with MoMA, she would bring the museum’s senior staff down to the lobby and have them watch people interact with the projects they were working on. “To have them [senior staff] at the information desk answering questions from visitors was eye opening,” said Allegra. “You can go in a meeting and try to tell senior leaders ‘here are the top three challenges our visitors have when they come into the lobby,’ … but when you get one of those people down there seeing it for themselves, then it becomes the highest priority.”

When we think of technology we think of removing pain points from the customer experience to make it personal, helpful, and simple. For example, when we designed the experience of the award-winning self-boarding, which leverages facial recognition technology, we spent a lot of time ideating and designing the overall gate concept  not just the facial capture. Self-boarding builds on JetBlue’s efforts to innovate the airport travel experience. It also complements existing offerings, like our self-service lobbies with interactive kiosks featuring the latest technology, including self-bag tagging and self-bag drop capabilities that increase efficiency and reduce frustrating airport lines. JetBlue’s new lobby design launched at New York-JFK in 2016 and – due to the positive customer response – has since expanded to Boston, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, San Juan, Newark, and Atlanta, with more coming in 2017.

You can hear more about what our panelists had to say in the video below: