The Customer Experience Effect: A Look at What We Learned in 2017 and What’s Ahead (Post #2)


Guest post from Liliana Petrova, director of customer experience at JetBlue

Last week, we took a deeper dive into the definition of “innovation,” and what it really means to customer experience professionals and customer-centric organizations. We heard from one of our panelists, Healy Cypher, founder and CEO of OAK Labs, who said: “Innovation can’t and shouldn’t be tech for the sake of tech; it should always be solving real human problems. The extent to which we can replace the word ‘innovation’ and just call it continually aspiring to create better human connections — that might be the safest replacement.”

Speaking of connections, this leads us to our second key learning…

Keep the Human Touch

All of our panelists — and we at JetBlue — continue to think about how to keep the human experience at the forefront amidst the current focus on technology.

“If I just talk about technology, you’ll all be asleep in ten minutes,” said Garen Moreno, Director of Strategic Partnership at BMW DesignWorks. “What’s important is how we’re communicating the information, rather than the actual technology itself. The emotional benefit IS the tech.”

At JetBlue, we think of that emotional benefit as powered by technology (and hence, a seamless experience), and powered by our crewmembers’ hospitality. At our JetBlue support centers, we have implemented a BlueHero program that empowers human experiences every day. Being a BlueHero means acting as a citizen, protecting our brand and doing the right thing for the customer when things don’t go as planned.