The adventure begins in T5


Since I work for an airline I tend to try to travel as much as I possibly can. When I’m heading out on an adventure, it’s nice to see that my forgetful self can get outfitted from head to toe at T5!  At ExOfficio (a long time favorite of mine) I can get clothes engineered for the active traveler in me. One of my favorite weekend getaways is hiking through the Puerto Rican rainforest El Yunque. Several times a pair of their mosquito repellant pants have saved me from an itchy recovery the next week!  Now it’s nice to knowthat I can stop by the pharmacy for anti-allergy medication and dramamine for motion sickness expecially when your adventure entails lots of bumpy 4-wheeling to get to one of my favorite destinations in the Caribbean  — the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world — located on the south side of Vieques, PR!