Thanking Our Customers for Their Hurricane Sandy Donations


Hurricane Sandy exceeded the worst expectations, affecting millions of people in the Northeast, including many of our own crewmembers and customers. While we were struck by the devastation of the storm, we were even more overwhelmed by the generosity of our customers.

With your thoughtful donation to, together we’ve raised more than $820,000 to the Red Cross to aid in the rebuilding efforts of our impacted communities. For donating, your TrueBlue points have been automatically deposited into your account. We know we’re very lucky to have customers like you who are there to help those in need. From all of us at JetBlue, thank you for caring.

On Dec. 17, we’re presenting the Red Cross with a check as a symbol of the work we’ve all done together. We would love to share your stories with the organization: Why did you give? What message would you like to send to the Sandy victims?

Tell us your story in the below comments section.

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