Taking Flight After the Storm


Mother Nature has settled down with a cup of chamomile and a good read. The storm that brought record snowfall to Portland, Maine, pulled the plug on power at Providence, Rhode Island and stymied public transportation in Boston no longer has a strong grip on the Northeast, though the mess she left behind is still felt by many.

We expect close to normal operations in the New York metro area airports today and Boston’s Logan is accepting flights as of this morning. We expect flights to start up again at our other New England cities this afternoon. We may still see some residual delays and cancellations as we ramp up operations, particularly in Boston and the New England cities that were hit hardest by the storm.

While enough of the airport infrastructure has been cleared to resume operations, more snow removal needs to occur before the airports are up to 100%. With fewer ‘lanes’ open, airlines need to avoid traffic jams by reducing the number of flights moving through. Be sure to still check your flight status before heading to the airport and leave extra travel time in the event that public transportation is slower than normal or the roads are still not completely cleared.

We’ve added extra flights throughout the system to accommodate those originally scheduled to travel this weekend, and as of 4 p.m. Saturday, the Governors of Massachusetts and Rhode Island have lifted their states’ driving bans. We’ve also extended our fee waivers if you wish to change or cancel flights for those traveling through today to rebook through Thursday, Feb. 14.