• Sequestered


    If you’ve been watching the news lately, you’ve probably heard the word “sequestration” quite a bit. The FAA has cut staffing at Air Traffic Control facilities as a result of the government budget sequester, and the first round of these cuts went into effect on Sunday. With fewer employees to manage traffic in and around airports, delays

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  • TSA wants to reach out and touch your hand


    It’s not just about pat-downs anymore. The TSA wants snuggle up even closer to air travelers and reach out and touch our hands. As one of the first visible steps to “make this a better world” and to increase security after the underwear bomber’s foiled Christmas Day terrorist plot, the TSA is implementing random hand

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  • New TSA travel site


    The TSA recently launched a new site to aid in the protection of airline travelers.  The site contains  information on everything from consumer reports and how to file complaints to travel tips and links to the FAA site where you can find some safety information. Perhaps the most important link seems to be missing from

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