• 24 hours in Camagüey


    Situated midway between Santiago de Cuba and Santa Clara,Camagüey makes an ideal stopover for a day or two. Renowned for its colonial architecture, nature reserves, earthen pots and twisting streets, you’ll want to explore Camagüey for days on end. But even if you only have 24 hours, you can still get a taste of what the island’s third largest city has to offer.

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  • 24 hours in Holguin


    Looking for an authentic Cuban experience devoid of tourist traps and big resorts? Head to the eastern city of San Isidoro de Holguin, where industrial meets tropical. Though Holguin is Cuba’s fourth largest city, a day is the perfect amount of time to explore its colonial-era buildings and open spaces that have inspired the nickname “City of Parks.”

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  • How to experience local in Seattle, rain or shine


    Think Seattle’s all rainy weather and coffee shops? You’re not totally wrong – it’s got plenty of both those things – but the Emerald City is also so much more. And dreary or sunny, morning, noon or night, we’ve got some locally approved destinations that are perfect for your upcoming trip.

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  • 48 hours in Savannah

    Savannah / Hilton Head

    Savannah is one of the oldest cities in the country, and it has a lot to offer on top of St. Patrick’s Day and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. You’ll likely arrive later in the day on Friday, so hit the ground running to get as much out of your weekend as possible.

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  • Weekender in Washington, DC

    Washington, DC

    No matter the time of year, we love a trip to Washington, D.C. The District is rich with history, great eats, drinks and parks, which makes for a great destination year-round. If you’re staying in D.C., let our local experts show you where to go for a great weekend getaway.

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  • 24 hours in Santa Monica

    Los Angeles Area

    In Santa Monica, residents enjoy swinging on the monkey bars at the beach as much as they enjoy exploring the city’s culinary scene, which is a playground itself. Even if it means braving Los Angeles traffic, that’s all the more reason to stay longer than just an afternoon. Here’s how to spend 24 hours in Santa Monica.

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