T5 Passport Control – 3:30 p.m.


Psych! There really isn’t passport control here at T5 — international flights that don’t clear Customs in their origin (SDQ, STI, POP, SXM, CUN) will continue to arrive at T4 — but today we do have passport control set up in the Marketplace as part of the “Taste of T5” expo. Guests can pick up a super-cool JetBlue passport and have it stamped at a dozen stations throughout the terminal showcasing our restaurants, retail outlets, and partner airlines.

My personal fav stop on the T5 tour is our partner area where Lufthansa, Aer Lingus and Cape Air are showing off their stuff (more on this stop later). Here a couple Crewmembers slip into a pair of LH business class seats — they’re so comfy that you don’t want to get off when your flight lands in Germany. Trust me, I put up a fight recently at the airport in Munich when asked to deplane!