Supporting the Haitian relief effort


The news over the past two days has revolved around the developing story in Haiti, where recovery efforts are beginning in the wake of 7.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Port-au-Prince. Initial reports indicate nearly one third of the population was affected by the quake, and tens of thousands are missing, injured or worse.

Here at JetBlue our thoughts are with the victims of this tragedy and their relatives. We have a vibrant community of Haitian Crewmembers at JetBlue who have all been accounted for and our Care Team and LifeSolutions Business Partner are ready to assist any Crewmembers in need of counseling or further assistance. Crewmembers looking for Care Team information and ways to donate to the relief effort can find a wealth of information on

arc_emblemIf you’re not a Crewmember but would like to support the relief effort, we recommend donating to the American Red Cross. Cash donations are the most valuable form of aid at the moment, and will make a significant impact. To donate, click here.

A dedicated Haitian relief team has been formed by our Corporate Social Responsibility and Care departments, which is working closely with the Haitian Consulate in New York — as well as the Red Cross and the Give Them A Hand Foundation — to offer our aid in transporting personnel and supplies to the island of Hispaniola by utilizing available seats on our flights to the Dominican Republic.