Start Your (Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1100G-JM) Engines!


We’re proud to announce today that we’ve selected the Pratt & Whitney PurePower® W1100G-JM Engines to power our Airbus A320neo aircraft. The memorandum of understanding (MOU) includes 80 PurePower engines with a long-term PureSolutionSM maintenance service agreement. Deliveries for the carrier’s firm aircraft order are scheduled to start in 2018.

Each of our Airbus A320neo aircraft will be powered by two PurePower PW1100G-JM engines, which are expected to reduce engine noise and operating costs when compared with today’s engines. The PurePower engine uses an advanced gear system allowing the engine’s fan to operate at a different speed than the low-pressure compressor and turbine. The combination of the gear system and an all-new advanced core is expected to increase fuel efficiency and benefit the environment.

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