Spread Holiday Cheer Challenge: JetBlue Supports Trees For Troops


Earlier this month, we asked our crewmembers to submit their stories about memorable volunteer experiences. In the spirit of giving, we share some of these stories with you.

JetBlue Supports Trees for Troops

This year, we have once again been supporting Trees for Troops by donating one tree per BlueCity (each city that we fly to) to a military family this holiday season. Crewmember Ally helped bring the program to life by working to rally our crewmembers all around the network! To supplement the tree, crewmembers from each location worked together to create a holiday card that represented their city. The trees were collected at various locations across the country and shipped for delivery to the military families.

During the first weekend in December, Ally volunteered at the official Trees for Troops weekend, which took place at Buck’s Nursery in New Jersey. During this special weekend, she worked with the Bucks team to encourage the nursery’s customers to donate a tree. Thanks to everyone’s collaboration, more than 120 trees were sent to the Troops! Customers also donated nearly $1,000 to the Trees for Troops program which will assist them in other initiatives for the Troops!

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